Online Teaching

I am currently offering online movement classes for kids and teens through Zoom in BalletContemporary/Imrpovisation and Movement Fitness. All of these classes are intended for students of many different ages and levels and aspire to provide an artistic space while at home, a virtual community and an outlet that utilizes physical skills in order to develop creative tools.

*If you would like to participate in these classes but are unable to afford them due to recent loss of income please do not hesitate to reach out at                              and I will make sure we make any necessary adjustments to make them accessible

As an educator, cultivating students’ awareness in order to connect the engine of the body with the mind and understand how that entity functions as part of a community, is one of my primary areas of focus. In addition, establishing a collective mind in the virtual space, searching for diverse perspectives and nurturing empathy via applied education are also very important. Lastly, engaging with the students in a disciplinary but non-authoritarian way, making space for artistic freedom and initiative development without losing structure and practicing of technical skills.

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